28 MHz Beacons
Amateur Radio Beacons on Ten Metres
These pages provide information on 28MHz amateur radio beacons, much of it from monitoring of beacons in the UK by members of the Six and Ten Reporting Club and not available anywhere else. You will not find beacon lists here: this information is compiled and presented on many other sites. If this is your interest, may I redirect you to G3USF's Worldwide List of HF Beacons - complete and up-to-date information on active 10m beacons produced by the IARU Region 1 Beacon Co-ordinator.

Beacon Graphs Graphs showing reliability and average signal strenth of beacons heard in the UK

Reliabilty Rankings Top 100 beacons heard in the UK ranked by reliability Ranked lists of beacons by continent (by area in North America)

Opinion Some thoughts on beacons and beacon monitoring

Links Rather than create links at every instance of beacon callsign with an associated web page, all links are listed here: -

Mailing List The mail list/reflector for those interested in operating or monitoring HF (mostly 10m) beacons. This page has details: -

Other Data Some of this lot is out of date, but may contain something of interest

The Six and Ten Report is a monthly newsletter on 6 and 10m propagation

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