Beacon Monitoring Records.

Some recent (year 2000) graphs and tabulations of 28 MHz (ten metre band) beacons heard in the UK can be found on G0AEV's Beacon Pages.

Below are links to a selection of older graphs and tabulations of 28 MHz beacons heard in the UK, derived from the The Six and Ten Report.

North American Beacons, November 1999
Comparison of 4U1UN and VK6RBP, March-December 1998
Top 5 most reliable beacons by continent, early 1999
IBP/NCDXF Beacons in 1998
Recent reliability of North American beacons
Top 100 most reliable beacons in 1998

The RSGB Propagation Studies Committee has up to date lists of HF Beacons (mostly 28 MHz) and 50 MHz Beacons. Both lists are regularly updated by author G3USF and include beacon frequencies, locations and other data.

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