The Six and Ten Reporting Club

The Six and Ten Reporting Club is an informal group of radio amateurs, mostly from the UK, who are interested in propagation studies at frequencies around the HF-VHF boundary (mainly the 6 and 10 metre amateur bands). The club produces a monthly Report in which activity reports and ideas from club members and others are collated. The Report acts both as a 6 and 10 metre data resource and as a forum for discussion of propagation matters. Reports normally include analysis of 28 MHz beacons, analysis of 50 MHz reports broken down by propagation mode, reports and discussions on unusual propagation events, compilations of solar and geomagnetic data, lists of activity world-wide, beacon news, results of on-going experiments, plus the occasional article or news item.

The Six and Ten Report is edited and produced monthly by Steve Reed G0AEV and Martin Harrison G3USF, and is an activity of the Radio Society of Great Britain's Propagation Studies Committee. The Propagation Studies Committee website carries a comprehensive set of links to introductions to propagation, near real-time sites with information on current conditions, solar/geophysical information, beacon lists and propagation prediction programs.

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